Saturday, March 6, 2010


Be Effective! is what my preacher said God wants us to be. I immediately thought about how I can be effective and what came to mind was being positive, giving more positive energy when I'm around people, being more effective in life and what I want to do in my life. Being effective in God's word (He has accomplished everything! why wouldn't we want to follow in his footsteps. Whatever you need in life you have to look at it in a positive view. You CAN'T doubt yourself and expect to accomplish your goal.

(According to the Oxford dictionary) Effective means "achieving the intended result".

You can do anything when you put your mind to it. Never loose faith in yourself and most importantly God.


  1. I 100& agree. I think that you have to believe that you have already been effective to be effective. If you live your life everyday as though you have made a difference in the world, it is inevitable in someway, or somehow, you have made a difference.

    Belief and faith is stronger than anything in the world.

  2. Being effective in life requires being effective with people. Almost everything in life worth accomplishing involves being effective with people. Our ability to be effective with people plays a huge role in fulfilling our life vision and achieving our goals, from finding the perfect job to finding the perfect mate; from negotiating a deal on a major purchase to running a company or providing for a family

    Being effective i believe is required in every aspect our lives and in many cases will determine the intended outcome.

    I do agree with Jeffery that Belief and Faith is stronger than anything in the world, regardless of your Religion. As that in most case is where you get your inspiration or drive from.