Tuesday, December 27, 2011


My experience was none other than a rich man, poor man’s tale. People who see the need to take things that doesn’t belong to them, tend to be in a mental state of insanity.  Constantly wanting things that is not theirs to feel good about themselves for the few minutes it took for them to achieve their “intended goal”. Their goal in life is to be a prisoner of their mind, body and whatever state or county they reside in.  I’ve lived in a country for more than half my life, where people believe to be one of the worst place on earth and yet i have never experienced something so pathetic, unruly & mind blowing at the same time. Was I a target? ( keeps running through my head) What would have happened to me, if they had gotten to me? That i don’t know but it left me scared for my life and the things in my life that i worked so hard for. ATTEMPTED BURGLARY!
Only because i yelled out at the first brave moment i got.
Tho it scared the bastards away (it was three of them), I kept wondering are they coming back to finish what they started? will they come prepared for the next person who is brave enough to yell out? Even though their mission for that day failed, they did end up leaving with one thing. A little part of my sanity.

Friday, December 23, 2011

::A Bit More Personal::

How many of you have felt this way?

                      You bring out the worst in my insecurities.

I know you're not looking for anything serious right now and the last thing I wanna be is your rebound because I care way too much about you to even let that happen so I'm gonna give you the space you need and when you come around I'll always  be here for you. I am gonna miss those lips tho ;) *12-08-11 3:45am*

All I want is your complete honesty, whether you want to be around me or not. It's like I know you only want to be friends and I get why (I treated you the best) but if we go into the friend zone I wouldn't respect any bitch you get with after. It's gonna hurt like hell and I don't know if i'll have the strength to stick around.
You gotta realize this is new for me. I have no clue what's going on with me but all I know Is I have a great amount of feelings for you , feelings that are new considering, who you are.

I don't wanna be the girl you can't have fun around... As long as I can have some too... Just tell me the truth already... I'm mentally prepared for it... Doesn't mean I gotta like it! But I do understand you, just coming out of a relationship which I'm starting to think I'll never have with you...
Mixed signals and emotions! 12-10-11
Do you hate/resent me for not giving you the chance to not feel bad about possibly getting back with your ex?

I'm starting to feel like I don't belong in your world 12-16-11 5:25am

I still can't believe it (even when I'm around you) that I know you and WE have a connection as strong as we do.12/20/2011 2:18am
I've opened my eyes to a whole new world I knew existed but never would have thought I would have access to... I never knew how many like me are out there!

                                                                                                        to be con't............