Sunday, October 11, 2009

.::Lesson Learned::.

Disappointment, Betrayal, Deceit! As my mom always told me growing up" yuh nuh gi nobady money fi pu dung"(you didn't give anyone money to put down SO DON'T EXPECT ANYTHING FROM ANYONE). These are just a few more lessons you have to go through in life. Never depend on anyone for anything especially happiness because your only looking for a let down! If they can't make themselves happy why would they want to see you happy.

A lot of people go through life saying one thing and end up doing something totally different. Posers? I think so.

Who can you really count on in life to be there for you during the good or the bad? Everyone has there own agenda and guess what your not apart of it. People do things simply because they want to and they can't ever be wrong about a situation but hey there's nothing wrong with that because we all do it at some point.

Doing something without thinking especially if it involves other people is one of the most selfish things anyone can do especially if it affects them in a negative way or put them in a situation where they can't decide or even think for themselves. When someone wants you to do something for them its no problem but if you ever need the favor in return its like a huge deal to even think about it much less go through it.
WHAT GOES AOROUND COMES AROUND! and its gonna hit 10 times harder!!